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Usuário: ~AnaRchyA

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qual sua musica preferida


Usuário: ~fruttela

"Why don&--39;t you get a job?", "(Can't Get My) Head Around You", "Pretty Fly", "The Kids Aren't Alright" ??essas q eu gosto^^


Usuário: ~Midori-san

Eu gosto mais do Pretty Fly...
Mais eu curto todas

" My friend&--39;s got a girlfriend
Man he hates that bitch
He tells me every day
He says "man I really gotta lose my chick
In the worst kind of way" "



Usuário: ~Ruban

"Why don&--39;t you get a job?"


Usuário: ~kakashi-sennin
that follows only
gosto desssa "The Kids Aren&--39;t Alright".^^


Usuário: ~Gorillaz

Gosto mais da Hit That ^^

~SabakunoJapa - Clan Lunnaris

Usuário: ~SabakunoJapa
King of a In-human Race
Come Out To Play (Keep'em Separated) e Hammerhead


Usuário: ~CatharinaRock

Gosta muito de Gone away, Self steem, A lot like me, the kids aren't alright, e muitas outras hahhahahah

~LadyLewLeb - Clan Dragon Slayer

Usuário: ~LadyLewLeb
You're Gonna Go Far, Kid. Ouço ela sempre.