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Todos os personagens desta história são de minha propriedade intelectual.

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That's my first English fanfic
Hope you like it

Capítulo 1 - Capítulo único - Love is selfish

Love is selfish


   Once Upon a time, there was a king and a queen. They beautifully fell in love. They were so in love that one day they look at each other and said: “We have to show our love to the world.”.


   9 months later a child were born. A graceful girl. She was pretty, educated and kind, the perfect one.


   A year later the king and the queen said: “We have to show our love to the world again.”.


   9 months later a child were born. A graceful boy. He was not so pretty, educated and kind as his sister. But he was smart as the devil.


   18 years later, the pretty, educated and kind girl became a woman. She wanted to explore the wild world, so at her 19 birthday, she was saying goodbye to her family.


   The boy became a man. Not that pretty, educated and kind, but smart as the devil. He wanted to stay on his kingdom, exploring the wild bookshelfs of her castle.


   In the closest kingdom, there was a boy who was becoming a man. His parents wanted him to find a graceful woman for him to get married. So he goes out on a adventure.


   Arriving at the closest kingdom, he goes directly to the biggest castle. When he was there he saw a beautiful man reading a large book on the garden.


   He never saw such a beautiful man like that one. He goes directly to his direction.


   He never saw such a beautiful and strong man like that one.


   Naturally, the fell in a blind love.


   They were in a strong relationship for about a year. They loved each other.


   Poor children. They can't see this could change in a blink of an eye.


   Near that place where the smart man and the strong man were, a pretty woman were arriving from a one year trip.


   This pretty woman were the smart woman's sister. How this could be a bad thing, right?


   When she arrived at the castle her family and the employees of the castle came to give her a welcome back.


   Nobody notice the strong man looking passionately at the woman. He was blind by her beauty.


   A week later the smart man realized that his man is not looking at him like he used to, he's not asking about his favorite books, he's not there for him anymore and this starts to concern him.


   A week fall through and the smart man discovered that who he used to call “his” is cheating on him with his very sister.


   He's not mad. He's broken. His heart hurts when he hears his name, and his brain tells how stupid he's for continuing to love him.


   He decides that is better to talk to him.


   - I loved you with all my soul, and I still love! How could you do that to me? - He says into tears.


   -I loved you too. But she's prettier, more educated and kinder than you. And most important she’s a she. If you love me you should let me go.


   -Love is selfish. I’ll let you go wanting and expecting you taking me with you. I


suppose to watch you with my sister?


   And at this point he realized that the man which he is in love is the most selfish and shallow man in the whole kingdom


   The man has nothing to say. He above all is a selfish man. So he leaves him.

   On the next day the man and the pretty woman were gone, they ran away for a distant land.

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Hope you guys like it ^^

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