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Capítulo 3 - III - The Dungeon

“Now if you'd follow me please. I'm going to show you somewhere where you're not allowed to go, EVER,” Merlin stated to the kids as they followed him down a long narrow hallway; also known as the dungeon.

There were beasts and evil sorcerers locked up in cells. The cells weren't like a normal cell you see in the modern world. The cells were decorated with paintings and furniture to accompany the inmate. The cell was the completed with a state of the art forcefield system.

There were guards, sorcerers, standing in front of each cell in full golden armour and a golden sword; just in case someone were to break out and try to escape, the guards would be there to fight them.

The group continued on walking. Amy was walking far behind the group. She quickly looked at one of the beasts and whispered something to them.

“Hey Amadrao, it's me--Gorg. I took form as one of Merlin’s old friends. I'm going to get you out. Don't worry. When the time is right, and you'll know when that is, you'll be free to reign terror upon Arcanis. You hear me? I'll be back for you later,” Gorgon said as he stepped away from the cell and ran towards the group.

Everyone was far ahead of Gorgon, or also known as Amy. They were all exploring the dungeon. It was nothing special really. Just full of foreign travellers trying to wreak havoc on Arcanis.

Most of the prisoners were some of Gorgon’s army. He couldn't help but look at his people being stuck in those filthy cells. He then ran up to Merlin and started to act like he was really Amy.

Merlin knew something was off about Amy. For starters, she wouldn't be the only Tinkerer left if others had survived the backlash of the American People. The people, especially the citizens of San Francisco were furious that the Tinkerers never owned up and helped rebuild what they had destroyed during their battle with the foreign alien Suzanne.

“Hey Merlin. Don't you think the cells should at least be cleaned out?” Gorgon asked as he walked alongside Merlin.

Merlin didn't respond to her question. He stopped walking and lit his hand on fire. His hand was engulfed with the blue flame, the flame that opened the Portal back in 1991.

He threatened Amy as she stood there, fearing for her life.

“If you were the real Amy, you would know the exact day we met. When was that day?” Merlin asked as his hand was still on fire.

Amy was nervous. Or I should say Gorgon was nervous. He didn't know the answer to that. So he just made an educated guess.

“Well I know one thing for sure. We met in Malibu, CA. After I had escaped the burning antique shop, you were standing on the other side of the street watching me. You came running over to me offering to help, but I refused?” Gorgon said as he started to raise his hands to cover his face.

Merlin stood there in silence. He then extinguished the flame. He then took a step towards Amy and put his arm around her back. He then pushed Amy into a cell and enforced the forcefield once she was in there.

“Wrong! It was after you had defeated Suzanne and went back to your normal life. Who are you really?” Merlin said as he stood on the opposite side of the forcefield cell wall.

Amy's face became serious. She raided both of her hands. Her right hand over her left hand. She was taking off the ring to reveal her true identity.

“Hello old friend. It's been too long. I see you've built quite an empire here. Oh and don't worry, you have the upperhand. Just know one thing, I'm always one step ahead of you. Just like when you thought you had the upperhand during our battle back in 1991. And guess what happened? Your army fell! That's what happened! Oh and don't worry. I'll be safe and sound in here while you train these nobodies,” Gorgon said as he revealed his true identity to Merlin and the the kids.

Merlin then took a step back as Gorgon punched the forcefield in anger. He then looked at the kids, who were standing and staring at Gorgon.

“Kids! Follow me. Time is running out! Meet me in the fields in fifteen minutes! Your training begins now! Oh and don't worry about Gorgon, he won't be getting out anytime soon, promise!” Merlin said as he knew that he was capable of not only breaking down the forcefield, but freeing all of the prisoners as well.

~ Fifteen Minutes Later ~

Arcanis Dungeon

“No prison can hold me! Good thing I have an actual Tinkerer ring. Don't know what I would do without it. Sucks that the real Amy had to be killed to get this ring. Isn't that right Trinix?” Gorgon said as he turned around. He then put the ring back on and turned back into the form of Amy.

He then walked over to the forcefield and began punching it as hard as he could. Eventually, the force field would give out and diminish, freeing Gorgon from imprisonment.

“Nothing. Can. Hold. Me!” Gorgon said as he took one last punch at the forcefield.

The forcefield then flickered and diminished. He then rolled his head and cracked his neck. He then cracked his fingers.

“Oh Merlin. You just made a big mistake!” Gorgon said as he began killing the guards that were on duty. 

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