História The mysterious building at the Himalayas. - Capítulo 2

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Capítulo 2 - The fun gang.

Mohan is an engineering student from a reputed college in southern India. He was good kid with many friends. He was a shy guy and due to the help of his friends, had just started to talk to girls. He seemed like a cool guy to hang out with, but with girls around, he would become very quiet and introverted. It's been the same for almost two years and Mohan showing very little improvement. His friends had invited him to many trips and tours to help him change with very little success. Sanjay knew that this was the only way for him to learn to be more casual around his friends and always insisted Mohan to join his gang on their trips. Now, for the upcoming summer vacation, this gang was planning for a big tour other than the conventional tourist destinations like beaches or cities and was interested in getting in touch with nature.

The alpha of the group, Sanjay called all the friends after college to the park within the college campus and asked for their ideas. Shruti spoke up first and said, "I think we should go to Goa just like we did last year. It's too much fun and we love beaches don't we?" she said smiling towards Venki who was also smiling. The two were very fond of each other. The group knew that her opinion has no prominence because Sanjay was determined to visit the conventional tourist destinations.

Nandan said, "Well, let's go to some hill-station"

"Which one?" Sanjay asked impatiently.

"I don't know, some hill-station" Nandan said with an ignorant voice.

"Come on guys, give me some ideas, don't be so lazy. Going to beaches or cities is not so much fun. Let's try something different, let's go trekking or fishing or go live in a village for a few days. Let's try something new. What say guys?" Sanjay's eyes were shining as he spoke. None of his friends had his energy. They all remained silent staring at each other.

Sanjay continued, "Mohan, you tell us where we could go"

"How about we go to the Himalayas" replied Mohan with a light sarcastic tone.

"That's actually a great idea! we could climb the Mount Everest!" exclaimed Rekha.

"Actually, that's a good idea. Also Rekha, mount Everest is not in India and we might need passports, and also we need to be trained first on how to climb a mountain" said Rajat.

The rest of the gang soon found it interesting and agreed upon. Manoj said that he will enquire about the tourist destinations at the Himalayas.

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